Let’s get acquainted -

I’m Valérie. (I added that accent on the “e” to make it frenchy.)

French cards

Wannabe French. French no wannabe me.

Sleepless nights no longer a problem. I just roll with it. Down by 10p, up by 2a, reach out for my e-toys, or one of the books in bed with me, and out again in two. Yes, candles. Yes, Chanel No. 19.


It’s definitely coffee in the morning, and a slow, lingering one to start my day.

My early morning mantra – I am my dream. I write. I sketch. I paint. (I do not but I believe in my “vision”.)


My two shih tzus, Coco and Marcel, are my exercise pals. And the shore. And a lady named Amy. My goal is to live to 100.

Always with my phone or pad. Always.

My middle name is Manhattan. It used to be Manila. Came to this country 35 years ago.

Yearly jaunts to France.

Born with black straight Asian hair. Dying to have long tight curls. 
Grey is a problem. Color is a friend. Have gone bronze, copper, and red.

My nails are red. A signature.

My lips go red too.

Crazy for high heels. Used to be. Knees and cold weather – they don’t go together.

Love to wear cloche in winter. Nothing in the summer. Gotcha!


I cook. I bake. I eat. Am a food fan.

Started my bread biz last year, Bread and Passion. Re-energizing it this year – from bread dough to bread site.

Check in regularly.


Welcome to my world. …

Your turn.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s get acquainted -

  1. Love love love… everything about it! So good with words… kitchy, fun and romantic all in one. Feel like I’m by your side through it all… even like the mention. Slightly… slightly jealous ;-).

  2. Hi Val. So admire your creativity and energy. Am beginning a home renovation which will be many months to completion, with son Dan and his wife-to-be Alyssa. With my dog Belle, a white boxer by my side, am enjoying retirement in a quiet sort of way.

  3. Finally, my dear, dear friend, full-blown retirement for me. No more up at 6, 8 instead for my 9am daily mass. More time for: playing; catching up with friends who left vivid marks in my yesteryears; paying forward; spreading my blessings; and trying to be a “better version of myself”. More time to enjoy playing back memories through the old, dusty photo albums. More time to savor my third-week indulgence – private massage, candles, music, sweet silence, pathway to dreamland. And now, looking forward to meet my final “Ithaca” – that lovely voyage where I’ll drop my anchor with all the memories of my journeys and adventures I’ve acquired along the way. And yes, this, with my huckleberry friend, my life’s second chance.

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