Day of the gourmand and the French dna

Wiki says – A gourmand is a person who either takes great pleasure in food,
a person given to excess in the consumption of food and drink, a greedy eater,
or a ravenous eater.

What I didn’t tell you – on my last visit to France, I endured


Baguette mornings and some evenings,

I worked through these


I suffered these


Come to Mama!

But I need to bring up in today’s blog something of the French dna that I have
observed during my visits to this country. As many of you know, the French is
going through a wake-up call after the events of the past week … the horrific
deaths of the editor and staff of their satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo,
at the hands of terrorist gunmen.
Their September 11.

I’ve never met a French I didn’t like. A bit of an exaggeration, but …
in my halting, sometimes stammering French, they’ve responded, engaged with me,
in their halting, sometimes stammering English.

The French are a proud people. Proud of their heritage, history, culture, and arts.

The French work. Tirelessly. The proof is in their bread –

Meet Ridha Kadher, the winner of the best baguette for 2013.
Out of 203 Parisian bakers, he won €4,000 and earned the honour of supplying
baguettes to the Elysées Palace, the presidential residence, for a whole year.


When asked for a photo after our chat,
he gladly posed for one but not before asking his wife to join him.



Mr. Kadher, with roots from Tunisia, came to France as a young boy,
and started baking at fifteen, working side by side with his brother.
Indeed, he has come a long way. He now owns his own boulangerie,
Au Paradis du Gourmand.

His secret is « hard work and his mother’s recipe, a 24-hour ‘rest’ to allow the dough
to absorb water and hydrate for his traditional baguette, (5 hours for a regular one) ».

via RKadher

Au Paradis du Gourmand,
156 Rue Raymond Losserand,
75014 Paris France,
+33 9 62 30 47 13

Photos (1)-(7) ©vmanzo-w

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